Medical marketing title


Over the years, TD Media has developed an Internet marketing system designed to effectively increase patient volume for high cost, elective medical procedures. Tailored specifically to medical practices like yours, we use effective marketing tools to expand your online presence, increase patient referrals and engage your network of brand advocates. When the majority of patients are consulting the Internet to make treatment decisions, you want to make sure these patients are finding your clinic first, with an excellent reputation.

Website Related Marketing

Website-Related Services

Today's Internet technologies are a key information resource for your patients and they should be major components of your marketing tactic to generate new patients.

Online Ads, E-Newsletters, Link Referral

Online Paid Advertising, Email Newsletter & Link Referral Program

You'll be surprised what can be done on paper these days! It is important to come up with new and fresh ideas to get the attention of your patients with your print marketing materials.

Social Media, PR, Reputation Management

Social Media, Public Relations & Reputation Management

Consider one or more of these marketing tools once your primary marketing program is in place. These add the sparkle into your patients eyes.

Offline Marketing Services

Offline Marketing Services

Your referring physicians and former patients might be your most important source of new patients! We will make sure you keep great relationships with them and expand your network of referrals.