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Fertility Marketing

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Constanze Taylor, Founder and DirectorMany of our clients came to Fertility Marketing after an engagement with a public relations firm or advertising agency. Their core problem was a lack of measurable results. PR and traditional advertising is tricky when it comes to calculating specific Return On Investment. While each has their place, there are other more effective strategies that should be maximized first.

All of our Internet marketing and advertising tools are tied to a data collection and analytics system. By measuring conversion rate for each marketing tactic individually, we are able to see exactly what works and what does not. This allows us to develop a matrix best suited for your individual practice. Make informed marketing decisions based on the data. Take a look at our case studies.


Our team of marketing, design and technical professionals have years of experience and keep up-to-date with the latest Internet and multimedia tactics. The team is lead by our founder Constanze Taylor, who has been directing medical marketing and business development initiatives for over a decade. As former Director of Marketing for the world famous San Diego Fertility Center, Constanze received multiple requests from other physicians to duplicate the success she achieved there. Fertility Marketing was created from this demand. Now working full time for Fertility Marketing, Constanze and the team work with physicians across the United States to make a measureable difference in their bottom line.

Full Service

Your complete success requires the knowledge and implementation of all marketing tools that are most effective for your individual practice. From developing your brand and indentity, creating high-quality printed brochures and patient guides to Internet Development including E-Commerce and producing results via online paid advertising, and social media activities, Fertility Marketing has the experience to drive success.

Services such as electronic patient newsletters, and online form processing for new patient data make practice administration more efficient. Monitoring all marketing activities and quickly making modifications to continuously optimize campaigns insures the highest possible ROI for your marketing dollars.


Our ongoing services to your practice can include exclusivity rights. Under this type of monthly retainer agreement, we will commit our marketing efforts to your practice to the exclusion of competitive practices within a 50-mile radius. This way, you can rest assured that our efforts won’t be affected by any conflict of interest. Contact us to find out more.

Expert Medical MarketingExpertise

There are plenty of marketing firms out there who are able to provide you a website and marketing materials they think you need. However, if you are looking for marketing expertise to market high dollar elective medical procedures, the field is very limited. We understand that you cannot promote the academic skills of a doctor like the car dealership down the street. We will work together with you to devise the concept and strategy and then stay around to show you how well it works.



We believe in environmental consciousness, pollution prevention, energy conservation, water conservation, solid waste reduction, recycling and sustainability. Even though we are a small business we make an effort to conserve natural resources in our daily business practice without compromising the quality of our work.

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